Trustee Pre-Election Pledge

As a member in good standing of my Kiwanis Club and as a nominee for the office of District Trustee, I do hereby agree to the following:

  1. I allow my name to be placed in nomination for District Trustee.
  2. I will successfully complete a Kiwanis International Criminal Background Investigation.
  3. If elected, I will attend the Governor-Elect’s Leadership Team Education Conference, the Capital District Convention, the International President’s Visit (as appropriate), the District Midyear Conference or Regional Educational Conference (for my region), the International Convention, all Capital District Board of Trustees Meetings, at least one Council Meeting of each Division in my region and all other conferences as outlined by Kiwanis International or the Governor of the Capital District during my term as District Trustee.
  4. As District Trustee, I will serve as a counselor to my assigned region.
  5. As District Trustee, I will serve on one or more of the Policy Committees and assume a portfolio of responsibilities for Club Support Committees and District Support Groups.
  6. As District Trustee, I will ensure representation from my region on all District Support Committees and assist clubs with requests for assistance from said committees. 
  7. As District Trustee, I will promote the International, District, and Division programs of service, and the District and Division goals as set forth by and under the direction of the Governor.
  8. As District Trustee-Designate and District Trustee, I will allow my contact information to be posted on the District Web Site.
  9. As District Trustee, I will perform all other duties as requested by the Governor or Board of Trustees.

I have read the duties and responsibilities of District Trustee as outlined by Kiwanis International and the Capital District and I will fully and faithfully execute the duties of the office, if elected.