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IMPORTANT: 2020 – 2021 Club Leadership Education (CLE) Information

Due to current state and local restrictions, 2020 Club Leadership Education sessions for incoming Presidents, Secretaries, Treasurers, and Membership Committee Leaders are being held online via virtual education sessions. If you are an incoming leader, there are TWO online sessions that you will be responsible for taking:

  1. Kiwanis International Education Sessions – Click HERE to register for recorded CLE Sessions. These sessions are for all incoming leaders – Presidents, Secretaries, Treasurers, and Membership Committee Chairs. Click HERE to see a list of those who attended the sessions.

2. Capital District Education Session – Our Capital District-specific Education session for current and incoming leaders was held on Wednesday, July 15th from 8 – 9pm ET.

To view a recording of the District Education Session from 7/15, click HERE (Enter 6y*Y7dA$ if prompted for a password)

Click HERE to download the Capital District Education Document

Thank you for visiting the Capital District Kiwanis Education page. Our team is dedicated to making sure you have all the materials and answers you need as a Leader and Member of the Kiwanis organization. Below you will find resources that the team has pulled together for you and your club.

Our team is available for you all year long throughout your Kiwanis journey.

  • Click HERE to contact us if you need help – any time!! We will respond as soon as possible. A full list of Educators is below.
  • Click HERE to share any feedback or thoughts about how to make our program better. We’d love to hear from you.

Thank you for your patience in these tying times.

Education Resources

The team has put together a list of helpful Education and General resources

CLE ResourcesLink
Kiwanis 101: Organization OverviewLink
Club President Resources
—- Leadership Guide: President Section
Club Secretary Resources
—- Leadership Guide: Secretary Section
Club Treasurer Resources
—- Leadership Guide: Treasurer Section
Membership Committee Resources
—- Leadership Guide: Membership Committee Section
Full Leadership GuideLink

General ResourcesLink
Kiwanis Connect (Member/Secretary Dashboard) Link
Monthly Report User GuideLink
Background Check PolicyLink
Youth Protection GuidelinesLink
Kiwanis StatisticsLink

Capital District Education Team

Use your resources!! Contact the following Capital District Certified Educators for questions regarding any aspect of Club Leadership Education (CLE) or the materials on this page. Thank you SO much to our wonderful Education Team.

RegionEducator Name (Click on Name to Email)
Chesapeake BayJohn Hassman
Josh Hiscock
Krista Latchaw
Robin Marks
John McMillan
Heart of VirginiaDennis Baugh
Cassie Conover
Eric Lamb
Tom Varner
Avanti Yamamoto
Mason DixonDon Dudey
National CapitalBrian Bell
David Lurie
Carolyn Richar
Jeffrey Wolff
Southeast VirginiaBrenda Garrett
Ron McCallum
Dave Rothberg
Judy Pantelides
Nancy Simonelli
Stephanie Welke
Southwest VirginiaCatherine Cummins
Jeff Dotson
Jerry Jones
John Montgomery
Jon Rife

If you are interested in becoming a Certified Educator, please contact Krista Latchaw to join the team.

Capital District Mentor Program