2023-2024 DISTINGUISHED MEMBER RECOGNITION (must complete four of six)

  • Sponsor at least one new member (must still be a member in good standing September 30) in your club or recruit a new member as part of a completed new club build; (REQUIRED)
  • Complete at least three activities with clubs other than your own club (one must be with one of your Service Leadership Program clubs);
  • Participate in a service project with one of your Service Leadership Program clubs or actively serve as a regional member of a District committee;
  • Participate in at least one club social activity;
  • Attend at least two Kiwanis activities at the Division (Council Meeting), District (Midyear/Convention) or International (Convention) level;
  • Make a financial contribution this year to either the Capital District Kiwanis Foundation or Kiwanis Children’s Fund.

To nominate a club member, the form will be available here on October 1, 2024 and must be completed by October 31, 2024.

Club must be at or above Charter Strength of 15 members 

GROWTH (Must accomplish one of two)

  • Net increase in membership;
  • Sponsorship of a new Kiwanis club. 

SERVICE (Must accomplish three of five)

  • Submission of a club signature project in the Kiwanis International annual Signature Project Contest;
  • Sponsorship of at least 1 Service Leadership Program;
  • Charter a new Builders Club in the 2023-24 administrative year;
  • Club representation in attendance at the District, Mid-Year conventions, or Kiwanis International convention;
  • $10.00 per-member donation to the Kiwanis Children’s Fund, or a 10% increase over previous year; and a $5.00 per-member donation to the Capital District Kiwanis Foundation.

ADMINISTRATIVE (Must accomplish all)

  • Submission of all Monthly Reports and 2023-24 Election Results;
  • Provide all club members with information on the Youth Protection Guidelines and reported on Secretary Dashboard
  • Participation of president and secretary in Club Leadership Education training
  • Club must have participated in some form of DEIBA training for its membership.

To nominate your club, the form will be available here on October 1, 2024 and must be completed by October 31, 2024.

Divisions must have at least 5 clubs in good standing to qualify

  • Open at least 1 new club in the division; OR achieved a net increase of members
  • 80% of the clubs in their division have submitted Monthly Reports each month
  • 80% of the clubs have provided education on the Youth Protection Guidelines
  • All clubs have filed the 2024-25 election report
  • All clubs in their division with SLPs have clear Criminal Background Checks for ALL of their Club Advisors.