2020-2021 MEMBER RECOGNITION (must complete 5 of 7)

  • Sponsor at least one new member (must still be a member in good standing September 30); (REQUIRED)
  • Complete at least three activities with clubs other than your own club (one must be with one of your Service Leadership Program clubs);
  • Participate in a service project with one of your Service Leadership Program clubs or actively serve as a regional member of a District committee;
  • Participate in at least one club social activity;
  • Attend a minimum of three club Board of Directors meetings;
  • Attend at least two Kiwanis activities at the Division (Council Meeting), District (Midyear/Convention) or International (Convention) level;
  • Make a financial contribution this year to either the Capital District Kiwanis Foundation or Kiwanis Children’s Fund.

To nominate a club member, please complete this form by October 31, 2021.

2020-2021 CLUB RECOGNITION (must complete 6 of 8) Club must be at or above Charter Strength of 15 members 

  • Net increase in membership; OR sponsorship of a new Kiwanis club. 
  • Has a signature project; 
  • Sponsorship of at least 1 Service Leadership Program; 
  • Participation of president and secretary in Club Leadership Education training. 
  • Club representation in attendance at the District, Mid-Year conventions, or Kiwanis International convention; 
  • $10.00 per-member donation to the Kiwanis Children’s Fund, or a 10% increase over previous year; and a $5.00 per-member donation to the Capital District Kiwanis Foundation; 
  • Submission of all Monthly Reports and Election Results; 
  • Provide all club members with information on the Youth Protection Guidelines and reported on Secretary Dashboard. 

To nominate your club, please complete this form by October 31, 2021.

2020-2021 DIVISION RECOGNITION (must have at least 5 clubs in good standing) 

  • Open at least 1 new club in the division; OR achieve a net increase of +2 in membership for at least two-thirds of the existing clubs. 
  • OR, 80% of their clubs in their division have submitted Monthly Reports each month, and; 
  • 80% of the clubs in their division have provided education on the Youth Protection Guidelines, and; 
  • All clubs in their division with SLPs have clear Criminal Background Checks for ALL of their Club Advisors.