Signature Projects

Signature projects show the impact a Kiwanis club can have on a community. From playgrounds and parks to festivals and fundraisers, signature projects are the hallmarks of what Kiwanis clubs are known for in their communities.  

Signature projects provide valuable and needed service to a community. They elevate awareness of Kiwanis, engage current members and remind them why they joined Kiwanis. Additionally, signature projects can increase membership. Don’t forget to invite and involve potential new members in your club’s next signature project.

Kiwanis International will host the Fourth Annual Signature Project Recognition Program for districts in 2020. New to this year’s contest is the establishment of two contest tiers.

  • Clubs with 28 members or more will be judged in the Tier I category; and
  • Clubs with 27 members or less will be judged in Tier II category.

While the district will determine how to select its club-level Tier I and Tier II submissions, all projects should follow the criteria listed below. A signature project is one that includes ALL of the following criteria:

  • Recurring: At a minimum, the project should take place annually.
  • Brand enhancing: The project should be designed to elevate the Kiwanis brand in the local community with opportunities for public relations activities, such as using the Kiwanis name on the project, media mentions, etc.
  • High impact: The project should have a demonstrable positive impact on the community; this impact should be measurable in monies raised or children served.
  • Membership focused: The project should support opportunities to strengthen membership and develop new partnerships.

TIP: A good question to ask when identifying a signature project: “What community activity or event is my club known for?”

Resources are available at:

An online contest submission form will now will be available for clubs to use when submitting their projects. Each club’s entry will be sent directly to KI. Staff at KI will send district submissions to the designated district contact for district leadership to select their Tier I and Tier II submissions to the 2020 Signature Project Contest.

While the district determines how to select its club-level Tier I and Tier II submissions, the project should follow the criteria listed above. Once a district has selected its representative club-level signature projects, a district designate can complete the online submission form.

Download the 2020 Signature Project Explanation and Scoring Rubric here.