2023 District Midyear Conference

Thank you for attending this year’s Kiwanis Midyear Conference! Below you can find the presentations that were given in the various workshops:

Workshop Session 1:
Club Presidents Check-in Handout – Jen Wolff (PDF)
Secretary/Treasurer Time – Jeffrey Wolff (PPTX)
Club Energy – Susan Knick (PPTX)

Workshop Session 2:
The Playdoh Principle – Eric Lamb (PPTX)
Team Building – Lynnette Embree (PPTX)
Leading Students in Today’s World – Moore & Ogilvie (PDF)

Workshop Session 3:
Effective Communication – Krista Latchaw (PPTX)
Community Relationships – Sam Bosserman (PPTX)

Lunch Best Practices: Fresh, Up-to-date and Traditional – Eric Lamb (PPTX)

Workshop Session 4:
Club Coaching – Dennis Baugh (PPTX)
Capital By The Numbers – Tim Gillette (PPTX)

Workshop Session 5:
Kiwanis Engage – Jeffrey Wolff (PPTX)
A New Kiwanians Perspective – Cheryl Kirby (PPTX)