Governor-Elect and Vice Governor Candidates

Pre Capital District Bylaws, all Kiwanis club members who have:

  • a clear criminal history background check conducted and verified by Kiwanis International;
  • been a member of a Kiwanis club in this district for at least six (6) years;
  • completed a term as Lieutenant Governor in this district

are eligible to submit their name for the office of 2023-2024 Capital District Governor-Elect and Capital District Vice Governor.

In order to submit, a candidate for District Governor-Elect or Vice Governor must have the support of the majority of the clubs in the candidate’s division. This shall be documented by a letter from the majority of such club presidents indicating the date of the vote by the membership or Board of Directors of each such club.

Candidates for the office of Governor-Elect or Vice Governor must file with the Executive Director a statement indicating their intent to be a candidate and a summary of their club, division and district activities and copies of club support letters.

These may be filed no earlier than September 1 of the year prior to the year of candidacy.

This page will be updated on or after January 13, 2024 in accordance with Section 7, Subsection B, Item c., Sub-Item i. of the District Policy Statements, to serve as the District-wide announcement of the candidacy of all persons whose submissions are complete and submitted to the District Office by that point.