Promotional Toolkit

Social Media Graphics

Social Media Language

Below are some examples of how you can share your Live with your social media network Feel free to modify the wording so that it sounds more authentic, comes across as you, and showcases your enthusiasm.


Along with the image above, it is important to explain why presenting is important to you and/or why your friends and peers would be interested in this presentation.

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be going LIVE on the Capital District Kiwanis Foundation Facebook on Wednesday, [GIVE DATE] at 7pm[WHY THEY SHOULD CARE ABOUT THIS PRESENTATION] To join me, visit

I’m looking forward to sharing my club with you. [OR OTHER REASON WHY PRESENTING IS IMPORTANT TO YOU] Join me on Wednesday, [DATE] at 7pm est.

Email Signature

Don’t miss my Facebook Live on Wednesday, [DATE] at 7pm. Join me,