Meet the Board

Board of Directors

Foundation Executive Committee

*All club giving and donations can be sent to David Lurie, 15189 London Bridge Road, Haymarket, VA 20169.

Capital District Officers

Foundation Directors

Bylaws and Policy Committee

  • Chair: Don Dudey
  • Ken Smith

Finance and Investment Committee

  • Chair: John Myers
  • Bob Wright
  • Hiawatha Nicely
  • Ken Smith
  • Mike Dasovich
  • Ed Daley
  • Tim Wesling
  • Nancy Simonelli

Fund Raising Committee

  • Chair: Bob Wright
  • Charles Marks
  • Bernice Oden
  • Sue Vona
  • Roger Diehl
  • Dennis Grubbs
  • Jennifer Hiscock

Foundation Awards Committee

  • Chair: Nancy Simonelli

Grants Review Committee

  • Chair: Roger Diehl
  • Ed Daley
  • Hiawatha Nicely
  • Dennis Grubbs

Publicity Committee

Chair: Jennifer Hiscock

Nominating Committee

  • Chair:
  • Hiawatha Nicely
  • Roger Diehl
  • Dennis Grubbs
  • Ken Watters

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