Foundation Grants

Grant Guidelines

  1. Projects that relate to the purpose and mission of the Capital District Kiwanis Foundation will be accorded top priority by the CDKF Directors. (Please note Grants that are matched by the requesting Club(s) and/or Organizations will be given higher priority.)
  2. Commitments are made for one (1) year only. Funds will not be granted to the same club for a project, for more than three (3) consecutive years.  (If you are requesting an additional year(s) grant for the same project, a new “Grant Application Request” must be submitted with each request.)
  3. Grant requests for the funding cycles are to be received by the following deadline dates:
    1. Cycle 1: Must be received no later than September 15th  
    1. Cycle 2: Must be received no later than March 15th                   
  4. The CDKF President will appoint two (2) Directors to serve on the Grant Committee. The third member will be the President-Elect. The Grant Committee will review all applications and then make their recommendations to the entire CDKF Board of Directors at the Fall and Spring meetings.
  5. Notification of the CDKF’s decision will be emailed to the applicants no later than December 10th for Cycle 1 and June 10th for Cycle 2.
  6. The Capital District Kiwanis Foundation will not consider Grant Applications for less than one hundred dollars ($100) nor more than five thousand dollars ($5,000). Grants will only be considered twice a year as noted.
  7. The recipient of the approved Grant may spend up to the specified amount for the sole purpose of the project and will receive reimbursement from the Foundation Treasurer upon submission of proper receipts.  Any monies not spent must be returned to the CDKF. If the approved grant requires funding at the beginning of the project, 65% of the approved amount nay be given upon request and the remainder will be given upon project completion.
  8. Grant recipients must submit to the Executive secretary of the CDKF, a Project Completion Report within 45 days of the completion date.  The report will include copies of all receipts, a complete beginning to end report, all publicity materials and names of all people, clubs and organizations who worked on the project. NOTICE: Failure to email a Project Completion Report to the Executive Secretary within 45 days of the project completion will automatically be cause for rejection of any future grant requests. 
  9. Continuing Projects are to notify the CDKF Executive Secretary every ninety (90) days with a full report on their progress to date.

Grant Application Form

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